Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I covered to drive any vehicle?
You are covered to drive any vehicle owned by the policyholder or any in the policy holders custody and control for motor trade purposes.

Can I drive someone else’s car with their permission?
Only if the vehicle is in the custody and control of the policyholder for motor trade purposes.

What does a motor trade policy cover me for?
Social, Domestic and Pleasure use including commuting to and from a permanent place of work and motor trade business use including test drives, collection/delivery, taking to MOT, etc.

What is demonstration cover?
Cover for vehicles whilst being test driven by prospective purchasers. They must hold a full UK licence and be accompanied by a person named on the certificate of insurance. We provide this free of charge.

What is an Uninsured Loss Recovery service?
In the event of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may often claim back from the Third Party all your uninsured losses. Examples of uninsured losses are: your policy excess, the cost of recovery of the vehicle, hire car, medical expenses, loss of earnings, re-advertising of vehicles etc.

How many cars do I need to sell to get motor trade insurance?
Most Insurers offer monthly policies, and don’t put a minimum on the amount of cars that you need to sell.

Can I get an “any driver” policy?
Check with provider – many require that all drivers are approved and named on the certificate of insurance.

Why does it cost more to add a driver?
The “risk” of having an accident goes up with the number of drivers on your policy. Private car insurance is different in the fact that only one person can drive the specified vehicle at any one given time.

Can my spouse take the children to school with this cover?
Yes, provided you had requested Social, Domestic and Pleasure use which allows any named driver on the certificate of insurance to drive a car for domestic purposes. This will include family outings, weekly shopping, visiting friends and commuting to and from a permanent place of work.

Does it matter whether I’m part-time or full-time?
Most policies provides cover for both full time and part time traders depending to their main occupation.

What is the difference between comprehensive and third party only?
Third Party Only covers claims by a third party in the event of liability. Comprehensive will cover the third party, fire, theft and damage to the vehicle in your custody or control.

Is cover included in connection with my other non-motor trade business?
Cover can be extended to provide cover in connection with some occupations e.g. builders, gardeners, electricians, plumbers etc.

Am I covered outside the UK?
Most providers provide the minimum cover required by law to allow you to use your vehicle in any of the following countries.

Any country which is a member of the European Union.
Any other country which agrees to meet European Commission Directives on motor insurance; and satisfies the European Commission that it has made arrangements to meet the requirements of these Directives.

Can I get cover for vehicles at my trade premises?
Check with provider – some policies only offer “road risks” policies, which cover you to drive the vehicles on the road and, if you have a comprehensive policy, fire, theft and malicious damage by a third party whilst at the private residence of any named driver on the certificate of insurance. If this is needed please ensure the policy covers vehicles whilst at trade premises.

Can I cover my own personal vehicle?
Most policies automatically covers any vehicle owned and registered in the name of the policyholder. Please check with provider if it will cover vehicles owned by a spouse or employee.

I have trade plates. Is there anything I should know?
You generally need to provide the registration number of your trade plate and enter this in the vehicles section of your administration panel.

Do I have an Overnight Theft Restriction in my area?
Check providers Overnight Theft Restriction policy for a list of postcodes.

Will I get windscreen cover?
Generally, should you want to claim for damage to a windscreen on your motor trade policy, the standard excess applies and it will affect you no claims bonus.

Can I reduce my excess?
Check with provider, a lower excess often increases cost of cover.

Can I use my No Claims Bonus?
Providers take into account your no claims bonus when calculating your premium. At the end of your policy, they will write to you to confirm your claims history. This, will act as your evidence.

For more help, see the Policy Wording or Summary of Cover.

What is the Motor Insurers’ Database?
The 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive came into effect on 20th January 2003. Each EU member country has to establish a centralised method of identifying who insures a vehicle from its registration number. In the UK, this data is being collected via the insurance industry onto the Motor Insurers’ Database (MID).

Do I need to notify my provider of any vehicles I get?
To comply with the law, you must notify your provider of any vehicle in your custody or control which are taxed and on the public highway for longer than 14 days. Should you have a vehicle for less than 14 days, you need not notify them. If you are at all doubtful as to whether you should notify them, you should notify them!

Are there any vehicles that I should refer to my insurer?
You should refer any vehicles that you may purchase for yourself that are “unusual”. This will include vehicles modified from the manufacturer’s original specification to improve performance. If you are not sure, please contact provider.

Are there any vehicles that I am not insured to drive?
Check with your provider, restrictions may include: motorcycles (unless you have included it in the policy), steam driven vehicles, vehicle transporters capable of carrying more than two vehicles and employees / spouse’s vehicles.

Can I get cover for a motorcycle?
Check with provider, if you choose to include motorcycles specifically on your policy, often any motorcycles over 500cc will be restricted to Third Party Only cover.

Can I get cover for grey imports?
As a general rule, grey imports will be covered unless modified to improve performance. However, should you be dealing with a large number of imports, you may be classed as an importer and restrictions may apply. Please contact provider if you are not sure.

Can I cover my commercial vehicle / agricultural vehicle?
You have Social, Domestic and Pleasure use and motor trade use on commercials under 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight. Anything over 3.5 ton will be restricted to motor trade use only.

Can I cover my kit car?
Kit cars are generally restricted to Third Party Only cover. Check with provider and see their vehicles list.

Can I cover my left hand drive?
Check with provider, most will normally cover left hand drives unless manufactured in the USA or Canada

Can I cover my classic car?
Check with provider – they will often only cover classics up to trade value. We recommend you insure expensive collectors cars separately under a classic car policy.

Can I cover my converted / modified vehicle?
Depending on circumstances and the degree of modification, your provider may consider covering converted or modified vehicles. Please contact them if you are not sure.

Can I cover a minibus / coach?
Vehicles with more than 8 seats are usually restricted to motor trade use only. See Policy Wording.

Are trailers covered?
Check with provider, trailers are normally covered for accidental damage, fire & theft whilst attached to a vehicle.

Can I get my caravan / camper covered?
Check with provider – Disabled caravans are normally covered on a Third Party Only basis whilst being towed. Motorised caravans may be covered as standard up to 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight. If your motorised caravan, camper or motor home is above 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight, we recommend you insure the vehicle separately unless this is specifically covered by your provider.

For more information, check with provider for their claims procedure.

How do I notify my provider of a claim?
Check with provider, mast offer a claims line where fully qualified claims operators are more than happy to help 24 hours a day. This service is included in most policies.

What assistance do I get following a claim?
Check with provider, your provider will generally notify the insurance company that you have had a loss and will work with them to settle your claim.

How will the claim affect my no claims bonus / premium?
With all insurance companies, claims settled non-fault will not affect your No Claims Bonus.

If I have a claim under my policy, how much will I receive in settlement?

Check with provider, as it is a motor trade policy, all losses will normally be settled at trade value.

How long will it take to settle my claim?
Check with provider, normally by calling their claims line they will be able to assess your claim and advise you approximately how long the claim will take to settle.

How do I renew my policy?
Check with provider, but normally you need to do nothing. You will receive a renewal notice 7 days before your renewal date advising the amount.

How do I cancel my policy from the renewal date?
Check with provider

Will I get confirmation of my no claims bonus?
At the end of your policy, you will receive a letter detailing your claims history. This will act as proof of your no claims bonus.

I forgot to renew my policy. What should I do?
As long as you have supplied a valid credit/debit card, your policy will normally have automatically been renewed on receipt of the premium at the end of the month, but please check with provider to ensure this is the case.

What must I do if my circumstances change during the period of insurance?
You must notify your provider of any material information that you may feel will affect the insurance. If you have any doubt as to whether the information is material, tell them anyway and they will decide for you.

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